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Othrin's Development LLC

NON-ELS Code 3 RX2700 Pack

NON-ELS Code 3 RX2700 Pack

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This is a complete overhaul of my highly popular BCSO ELS pack. I have completely redone this pack with updated liveries, better quality parts and a larger variety of vehicles.

The ELS version can be found at or



  1. RX2700 Lightbar
  2. Wingman deck light (Sedan) or Code 3 XT Stik Series (SUV)
  3. Supervisor Flex visor light
  4. N/A
  5. XT Stik dash mount
  6. Ram-Bar wraparound
  7. Lightbar mounted ALPR system
  8. Spotlight (passenger side down)
  9. Spotlight (driver side up)
  10. Spotlight (driver side down)
  11. Drug props
  12. Othrin logo


  • Toggleable extras
  • Moveable spotlight
  • Drawer slider
  • Drug props for roleplay purposes
  • Custom light pattern
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